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Download Your Package

Download links are now available :)

NOTICE: The latest version of the Wordsmith-Anvil Theme (non-pro version) is 2.2.1; which is available for download from the WordPress Repository.

» » DOWNLOAD Version 2.2.1 HERE « «

However, if you would like to download Wordsmith-Anvil Pro, you can use the button below and get it now.

Some of the Upgrades and Fixes in the New and Improved PRO Version include:

  • Fixed Title Font Color, so that users can choose their own desired font color from the Background Menu
  • Fixed two typos on the Comment Form
  • Added a new option to the Theme Options Menu to allow display of three thumbnail images, which will toggle to text when you hover over them
  • Added code to the index.php page to be used with the New Theme Option mentioned above
  • edits to main.css lines 102, 103, 175, 204
  • edits to ie.css lines 24, 125
  • edited page_blog.php because wp_title will not work on static posts and static front pages.
  • Added Slider to Top of Home Page
  • –added two new thumbnail sizes for slider
  • –added new functions to functions.php
  • –added new functions to anvil-options.php
  • –added new css file (slider.css)
  • –added new js file (slider.js)
  • –added new inc file (slider.php)
  • changed jquery tags to no-conflict mode tags in two more js files
  • Added new jQuery Hover Box options for display on front page
  • Merged classic green styles and images with pro silver-blue styles and images into theme
  • Merged headers from classic green and Pro silver-blue themes
  • Added option to select the Classic Color Theme or the Silver-Blue Color Theme
  • Added condition to display comments RSS subscribe link to display only if there are comments
  • Added New Red Color Theme including all new red files and editing functions.php and anvil-options.php as needed

In addition to the updates listed in the 1.6.8-beta version, other new updates include:

  • Standard Full Posts are the Default.
  • Enable Excerpts
  • Enable Custom Formatted Short Posts
  • Set the number of words displayed in your Excerpts.
  • Set the number of words displayed in your Custom Formatted Short Posts.
  • Enable Custom Formatted More Links for Excerpts and Full Post pages that use
    <!--more--> tags
  • New Social Network Option for linking to your Google+ page.
  • Visual Editor Plain or Styled Display.
  • Sidebar Latest Post is now displayed as an Excerpt on pages other than the Front Page and/or Home Page.
  • The Comment Form was enhanced and cleaned up a little bit.
  • A Subscribe to Comments link/button was added to the Comment Form.

NOTICE: The next most recent » » DOWNLOAD UPDATE IS HERE « « This download version is 1.6.8-beta. It provides several new options (close to 50 total now) in response to many of the feedback questions. Some of the new options include the ability to:

  • Disable the display of the Site Title in the Header/Masthead Area.
  • Disable the large FIRST Letter of paragraphs.
  • Display complete posts, rather than only excerpts.
  • Split up the WordPress Credit and the Developer Credit and provided an option to include a hidden developer link to show support
  • Disable display of the searchbar above the left sidebar menu
  • Disable the display of the latest post in the sidebar, below the menu

I have not added all the documentation for the new options; and have not updated the changelog file. I hope to get final testing completed soon; and submit it to the WordPress Repository for download there. In the interim, you can download it here and provide FEEDBACK on the Feedback Page.

Notice: [DOWNLOAD UPDATE] This download is version 1.6.7, which reflects fixes for all errors previously reported. You can download this .zip file and upload it to your themes and activate it. The new version has been submitted to the WordPress Repository; however, it may take a week or more to become active. Thanks for downloading Wordsmith-Anvil :)

Errors resolved in this download update, include:

  • Warning: Missing argument 1 for anvil_title_display_w_logo()
  • Warning: Missing argument 1 for anvil_title_display_no_logo()
  • Warning: Missing argument 2 for wp_kses()
  • Fatal error: Call to undefined function register_nav_menu()


Feel Warm & Fuzzy. Donate!


This theme comes pre-loaded with numerous options and a easy to use Admin Panel. There are several options on this theme which other themes are charging for. Even though I am not charging for this theme, please feel free to make a donation if you would like. With that being said, I also plan to release a paid version of this theme in the near future. The paid version will include more options, including a slider with FX effects; and a very robust Admin Panel to administer those options.

I am also considering making it easier to administer the approximately three dozen custom fields that are used on some of the custom template pages with this theme. Adding custom fields to pages are not too terribly difficult. However, it is much more user friendly and minimizes end-user frustration if they do not have to know what each of the custom fields are and know where to add them … and make sure each of them are spelled correctly, with proper use of case and punctuation.

The paid version of this theme will be made available for download on this site, as soon as it is ready for distribution.

Work on the Paid Version of this theme has been put on hold, due to lack of time to work on my own themes.


13 Responses to Downloads

  1. Nata had this to say about that:

    I just purchased the pro version and when I try to install it into wordpress…. It begins the upload but at 100% it says are you sure you want to do this and then stops… any ideas of how to install it?

    • skyline had this to say about that:

      Nata … I am unsure why I didnt receive an email notification about your comment. So, I apologize for the long delay in responding. The issue is that the size of the ZIP file exceeds the 10MB limit set by WordPress for theme uploads. So, you need to either upload the theme via FTP or via cPanel. Someone who purchased this theme recently sent me an email asking about this very same issue. I hope it was you.

      Best Regards

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