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LadyBug Organic Cafe Customized Wordpress Site by Tom

New Customized WordPress Site: The Ladybug Cafe

Check out the site and stop by the restaurant to check out the food, as well as the people and the ambiance … Once again I have nearly wrapped up a face-lift, installation and setup of a newly customized WordPress site. The site I have been working on is for a local organic restaurant in […]

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CSS3 Modules … How the Most Popular Browsers See It

The CSS3 standards and specifications are taking shape as modules and are still evolving in various states. Within each module are some really great web design and layout tools. The ability to rotate text and images; alter the origin, sized and number of backgrounds; add gradients to boxes; add text effects including shadows; change the radius, color, shadow or add an image to borders; RBG, HSL and opacity color effects; enhanced user interface [UI] options; increased number of font faces; media queries; multiple column layouts; and new options and specs for aural media aka speech are …

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A hosting partner with a lot more …

Finding the right hosting partner makes all the difference in the world for me. In order to keep up with what is going on in my own world and beyond, engaging social media networks, tweeting, writing blog posts, staying current with technology, working on design and marketing projects and trying to eat, sleep and have […]

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Toms Skyline Design is now Twitter enabled

I have been re-facing this site and converting it over to a WordPress based site. I already had a WP blog on the site see here However, that is an older version of WP and I would have needed to make a lot of changes to the theme I had previously customized in order for […]

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