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Congrats to the Navy Seals

I needed to post this update, regarding my earlier post on how to deal with pirates. I had previously said to give the scoundrels thirty minutes to free their hostages, or face the consequences. In retrospect, that would actually increase the odds that the hostages would all be killed because the captors would know their […]

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Perpetuating Displacement of American Workers

Unemployment Numbers Skyrocket … Whether or not you are employed, if you are like millions of Americans, you are feeling the pinch in today’s economy. The problems with our national and local economies, although multi-faceted, include a central issue that is plaguing families from coast to coast. The chronic problem stems from the decisions made […]

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Piracy: What is the best course of action?

Many Americans have watched the movie Pirates of the Caribbean and its sequels; enjoying the entertainment value, performance of Johnny Depp; and excitement in the movies. I am one of them. However, that does not mean we, individually or as a nation, condone having our people robbed, taken hostage and killed by modern day pirates; […]

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SEM Choices For My Business

What are the best SEM choices for my business? Paid Search or Organic Search? Where should I start? Capitalizing on internet marketing for growth or sustainability of your company? You have a few options. You can try to figure out on your own what is the most effective, cost-efficient and quickest solution. You can hire […]

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Where is the debugger or host application running

Where is the debugger or host application running? Localhost Other Machine Enter IP Address: _________________________ Are you experiencing this pop up every time you open a website that has a Flash banner, or Flash movie of some type playing? Surely, you have tried to click on Localhost … only to see the popup reappear again. […]

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Joomla and Classifieds

I recently started development on a community portal and classifieds site and I chose Joomla as the content management system because of it inherent ability to be able to support article submissions, eCommerce, classifieds, blogging, personal message systems, search engine optimization, security and aesthetics. When I say inherent ability I should clarify that it supports including […]

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