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FTC to monitor blog claims and endorsements

Trust and ethics are ingredients of traditional advertising wherein consumers have grown to expect acceptable levels of compliance; and not tolerate deceptive advertising practices. The Federal Trade Commission [FTC] is one of the government agencies responsible for monitoring and policing violators of the public trust in this arena. Blogging and tweeting, on the other hand, […]

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Harvard, Twitter and the Pareto Principle

A Harvard Business School study, as reported by Reuters, raises a serious question on the value of Twitter for businesses. Relying upon research by Mikolaj Jan Piskorski, results show greater than 50% of Twitter users will tweet less than one time every ten to eleven weeks. Along with that, many have witnessed Twitter struggling to […]

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Response to the Nielsen Twitter Quitter Story

The Nielsen Wire initially purported that the about 60% of Twitter users failed to stick around after the first month. Following some feedback from the Twitter community, Nielsen added ancillary websites and applications that feed into Twitter and recompiled their data. What they came up with is that their original numbers were correct. They did […]

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Social Media Networks: Which Ones For Me?

Looking for a place to expand your social media network reach? There are numerous social networks where your message(s) can be seen. Visibility is important; however, you want to be visible in the right marketplace. Rather than spending time blasting your message and ads to the wrong market, or to thousands of others whom you […]

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Twitter Ad Sites: Who Makes the Money?

There are some brokers on Twitter that will charge an advertiser for exposure on Twitter. Then they find publishers (Twitter users) that will allow the ads or links to be displayed on their respective Twitter page(s). I have seen one or more of these broker sites that do not say what they pay the publishers […]

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