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Viaprestige Luxury Lifestyle Website

Moroccan Luxury Lifestyle Directory Site Launched is a site I have been working on over the past several months. The luxury lifestyle site was actually launched several months back. However, I have been making a number of customizations to the site continuously since then; and recently moved the site to a new hosting service. The site was recently re-launched a […]

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SEO Tips & Marketing Facts for Entrepreneurs with a Green Industry Small Business Startup

Amidst the current downturn in the global economy visionary entrepreneurs are scrambling for position to capitalize on growth markets. We understand as we look to the future that green industries represent a key area of growth. Timing is now great for small business start-ups to become major players that shape the landscape of this industry.

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Digital Ad Spend UP: Social Media & Mobile Ads DOWN

Respondents of a recent online national survey on interactive advertising and digital marketing, reported by Business Wire, indicate email, digital advertising and search are still HOT; and are the reason why digital ad spend is up. The bad news for social media advertising and mobile advertising is that they are falling short of the desired […]

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Expand your social media with social bookmarking sites

This is a follow up to my prior posts: Social Media Networks: Which ones for me? and Expand your social media vertical markets In this post I am simply providing you with a small handful of Excellent Social Bookmarking Sites that you and I both, can and should check out: Social Bookmarking Sites Digg […]

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Social Media Networks: Which Ones For Me?

Looking for a place to expand your social media network reach? There are numerous social networks where your message(s) can be seen. Visibility is important; however, you want to be visible in the right marketplace. Rather than spending time blasting your message and ads to the wrong market, or to thousands of others whom you […]

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Nielsen NetView: Twitter Posts Enormous Growth

The news is all over the air waves and all over the Internet about the 12% dive in Internet AdSpend for the 1st Qtr of 2009. I even reported on this a couple days ago. What doesn’t get a lot of press though is that Twitter experienced an unbelievably incredible 3,712% growth from April of […]

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