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CSS3 Modules … How the Most Popular Browsers See It

The CSS3 standards and specifications are taking shape as modules and are still evolving in various states. Within each module are some really great web design and layout tools. The ability to rotate text and images; alter the origin, sized and number of backgrounds; add gradients to boxes; add text effects including shadows; change the radius, color, shadow or add an image to borders; RBG, HSL and opacity color effects; enhanced user interface [UI] options; increased number of font faces; media queries; multiple column layouts; and new options and specs for aural media aka speech are …

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Upgrade your browser!

Have you started seeing websites that seem to be full of quirks? Do you arrive at websites to be greeted with a message that tells you that you need to upgrade your browser to a better browser. Likely the message also mentions that you are using Internet Explorer 6. Do yourself a favor, and make […]

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Firefox crashes when I try to upload an image in WordPress

Firefox crashes when I try to upload an image in WordPress I am using WordPress 2.7.1 and have been unable to upload images using the Flash uploader or image uploader. Every time I try to upload an image Firefox crashes. I am using Firefox 3.0.10. I was not sure what was happening. However, it is […]

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Where is the debugger or host application running

Where is the debugger or host application running? Localhost Other Machine Enter IP Address: _________________________ Are you experiencing this pop up every time you open a website that has a Flash banner, or Flash movie of some type playing? Surely, you have tried to click on Localhost … only to see the popup reappear again. […]

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