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Interactive and semantic marketing are the methods we are watching make history. Likewise, static web sites and old-school marketing techniques are not the tools that are growing businesses today. The use of tv, radio, newspapers and direct marketing has its place. However, these forms of marketing are being displaced by internet marketing on most all fronts. People are on the move and those who do not want to be left behind are embracing change in their everyday lives. Websites are no exception. The phenomena of social media has made it common to find people blogging and communicating daily with friends, family and in the workplace on such places as Facebook and Twitter, among others. Watching and sharing videos on YouTube has also become common among people of all age brackets. Because of these social networks and social media tools, interactive marketing is one of the hottest ways to stay in touch with your employees, with your customers, your target audience, as well as, attract new visitors to your site; and grow your business. With 3G phones and mobile media marketing starting to peak over the horizon, in the next year or two, mobile media marketing will emerge from riding the shirttails of the interactive social media marketing frenzy into an integral part of the hybrid internet-mobile marketing mix.

What this means is that if you are not already using the internet to market your business, you need to ask yourself why? With the economy the way it is today, you simply cannot afford to not to advertise and market your company.

“Web Design with Interactive Marketing thrives and feeds off of social interaction; which can benefit you and your company.”

In order to maintain or grow market share for your company your website needs to drive traffic and sales. Starting the process of blogging and adding a blog to your website is a good first step. Blogs are inherently interactive. Information from blogs are shared across communities and becomes a form of viral marketing for your company. One of the key factors influencing a website’s page rank by search engines is determined largely by the number of other similar sites that link back to them. This is one reason why companies are encouraging employees and hiring bloggers to write for them, so they can be competitive in the marketplace. This is also why being actively engaged in social media network communities is so important to successful marketing of websites today. You will find social networks are rich with content, images and video. With YouTube coming on to the scene interactive marketing is coming alive; and website design has to keep up or be left behind. Watching videos online may have once been thought of as an activity for those 18

 Posted on : May 28th, 2014

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