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Firefox crashes when I try to upload an image in WordPress

I am using WordPress 2.7.1 and have been unable to upload images using the Flash uploader or image uploader. Every time I try to upload an image Firefox crashes. I am using Firefox 3.0.10. I was not sure what was happening. However, it is a pain when there are plugins that require this method to upload images that can be accessed for their respective application.

I also had been having problems that were specific to Firefox; with being able to add widgets to the right sidebar, using the new dynamic sidebars in WordPress. I really like using Firefox, so these issues have been a little disconcerting. What I discovered about the image uploader crashing is that after I deactivated Google Gears, Firefox does not crash when I try to upload images. So that seemed to be the fix for this issue.

If you are having the same problem, check to see if you have installed the Gears addon. You can find that from the Menu Bar. Click on Tools and you will see Addons in the dropdown menu. Select Addons and see if you have Gears installed and activated. If so, deactivating may be the solution; however, it may be necessary to uninstall it, too.

Hopefully, this will help someone else experiencing the same issue.


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  1. I’ve been having the same problem in WP 2.7.1. And removing Google Gears did not resolve the issue. I was also getting the same issue in Chrome, where I also use Chrome, but only from the Visual layout in post editing. The only way around the issue for me was to load my media using Safari on both Windows and the Mac. This really is an annoying issue and it even persists in the WordPress 2.8 beta2 site I have been testing.

    Please let me know if you find a solution. @JohnnyCanuck

  2. Johnny … Thanks for the feedback. I will loot at that issue some more and try to get more info back to you.

  3. Check this out Johnny

  4. Tom,
    I’m pretty sure it’s not a permissions or security issue as I don’t get this issue when using Safari for Windows or even FireFox on the Mac. Safari on the Mac is also fine. I really think the issue is Google Gears for FireFox and Chrome in Windows. Disabling your security settings appears to be a very popular fix for most of WordPress’s ailments. I don’t don’t think it’s the way to solve the problem here though as a little cross browser/platform testing shows.

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