How to Get Help

How to Get Help

All the Toms Skyline Design premium products are tested on a typical server setup before it is put up for sale and should work on your server without any problem.

How to Get HelpHowever, the truth is that there are thousands of hosting companies with different server configurations and millions of other plugins and themes with their own flaws so even though I have full intention of making the products work on every customer’s site flawlessly, it is impossible to achieve this goal. In reality, I know that the products will work on 90-95% of the servers right off the bat but there is always going to be that 5 or 10 percentage where it will need a little push and I am prepared to give you a hand but you have to give me the chance.

With that said, when you do need help you will have a much better chance of getting help quickly if you keep the following points in mind:

  1. Provide details on the issue.
  2. Try to be polite with your replies.
  3. Be a little patient.

1. Provide Details

It is much easier for us to understand the problem and provide help if you provide details on it upfront. For example, try to include the following details when you make a post:

  • a) What part of the product isn’t working?
  • b) What are you trying to achieve?
  • c) What causes the error to show up?
  • d) What version of the plugin are you using?
  • e) Provide a link to the exact page where the problem is seen
  • f) Which Toms Skyline Design product you are using?
  • g) Did you modify the plugin or theme in anyway?

If you ask for help by saying “The plugin doesn’t work” or “The theme doesn’t work” then how am I to understand what the problem is? How am I going to help you? Instead, if you say “I am trying to add this image but it’s not showing up” then I can easily see what you are trying to do and will be able to offer help.

2. Try to be Polite

On rare occasions I see some customers come down very rude. Being rude, mean, demanding does not help getting the issue resolved. It will most likely have an opposite effect on my inclination to help.

I would like to think that all my users are well educated and civilized so no need to be rude at each other. When there is a problem it will be addressed in a systematic manner.

3. Try to be Patient

I try to reply to all posts and requests for help within 24 hours of posting. I do my best to reply to comments and address issues as quickly as I can but it is impossible for me to instantly address all the issues due to time limitation.

While you are waiting for a reply you can search the forum (Try the Google Search Option) and scan through the comment section of a specific post for a solution. From my observation… about 60% of the help request I receive have already been solved in a forum thread or in the comment section of a post. A little search effort from your part can save both your and my time.

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