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Local Consumer and Homeowner Resource Company Gets A New Website … Consumers Resolution Services LLC, a local Beaverton company that helps consumers and homeowners locate resources to assist them in dealing with creditors and lenders recently became the recipient of a newly developed WordPress theme by Toms Skyline Design.

This WordPress theme includes a slider that utilizes the new set thumbnail functionality in WordPress 2.9.2 and later. The theme includes several options and is a two-column type theme, with a widgetized sidebar and widgetized footer.

I also created this header image of a loupe and documents that I thought I would showcase here as well.


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  1. I sent an email to you via your contact form, but the confirmation message returned a 404 error page. Not sure if my message went through to you. I checked your site, but couldn’t find an email address. Hopefully this message will get through to you, and you can contact me via my email address.

    1. Thanks for the feedback … I will look into the contact form issue. It had been working, but who knows what may have happened. Did you use this link: or was it another page … or from another site of mine?? I just tried that link and the form seemed to work and send me to a message confirmation page. Try again and let me know if it is still giving you a 404 or not. Also, BTW, you wouldnt also by chance be redcrew would you?

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