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Sonya Justice is her pen name— and she’s a Wilsonville Author, Public Speaker and Publisher
Sonya Justice now has a new WordPress site customized by Toms Skyline Design. The Sonya Justice site is the blogging arm for the new Lissie Harrington Publishers’ site; which was setup at the same time.

When Elsie contacted Toms Skyline Design for this project, she wanted to use the Esther Theme for WordPress. However, the color scheme was not to her liking, she wanted some type of menu boxes on the home page and to compound the navigation issue … there was no menu or navigation system with this theme.

Additionally, the photo frame at the top of the page took up a major portion of the screen; which took up way too much real estate. So, the color theme was changed, the photo frame was reduced for better aesthetics; and a navigation menu was created for use on all pages except the home page. A different menu was created for the home page, using box graphics; which, are carried through the theme, where practical.

On her site, Sonya says she will share

[…] with you inside knowledge of the publishing industry, the process of getting your book published, how to build a platform and additional insights on how to promote yourself.


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