Monetizing Social Media

It seems like one of the biggest types of buzz online today relates social media. MySpace was big for awhile, and still is … though it is seeing a lot of competition from the newcomers. Facebook exploded onto the market and Twitter has added a whole new dimension to the social media frenzy.

With all the traffic and all the buzz, there are people looking for ways to monetize these streams. With the global and national economies being what they are today, it is a great time for online marketers and mobile media marketers to tap into the masses of people engaged in social media.

Having become involved with a number of these social media networks, I am discovering there are many different ways to monetize each network with various different programs. Many of these programs are affiliate programs. Some affiliate programs have some upfront costs and some are free to join. For this reason, I thought it would make sense to list some of these opportunities here, for your convenience.

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