Categories : Blogs & CMS Design & Development Facebook Featured General Information Internet Marketing Plugins & Themes SEO & SEM Social Media Web Design What's New Wordpress is a site I have been working on over the past several months. The luxury lifestyle site was actually launched several months back. However, I have been making a number of customizations to the site continuously since then; and recently moved the site to a new hosting service. The site was recently re-launched a few weeks ago, after a slight face-lift and substantial group of enhancements were added to the site. Viaprestige Luxury Lifestyle WebsiteLike most of the sites I work on these days, this is a WordPress based site.

Unlike other sites I work on, this site is a first for me, in that I have never worked on a site whose default language is not English. The default language for this site is French. My clients, in France and Morocco, speak French as their fist language. English is a second or third language for them. I do not speak or read French. So, as you might imagine, the biggest challenge over the past several months has been with communications. That can be very frustrating, from time to time. Nonetheless, we have been able to work through everything that has come up. Communication between my clients and me is certainly a challenge. However, to add to the challenge, the clients are using WordPress (French version). So, trying to work through the challenge of the admin dashboard being in a foreign language; including the menus and 90% of the plugins, has added a new level of satisfaction to successfully customizing a WordPress site for a client.

In addition to the custom theme, it was also necessary for me to customize existing plugins or create my own plugins. An additional challenge is that because this site uses a plugin for providing site visitors an option to view the site in one of several different languages, a whole new set of challenges are created, as a result of the various languages. Until you work on a site in a different language than your own, you really have no idea of how many new issues you will encounter that you had never encountered before.

In addition to this website, my clients have a related Facebook Fanpage that I have been able to help them grow their fan base and fan activity. If you would like to view their site, you can view the Viaprestige Luxury Lifestyle site here. Their Facebook Fan Page is here.


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