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Earlier this last year I was contacted by Fixed Operations Industry Veteran, David Vallone, to help him launch a vendor directory for a highly specific niche market. The Fixed Ops Insight [FOI] for short Directory was the name chosen for this site. The FOI Directory is a unique and essentially unprecedented site where Auto Industry Fixed Operations and Variable Operations Vendors could be listed and showcase their sites, products and services. Additionally, this directory site also allows other in this industry to rate and review the members of this directory. The FOI Directory features Unpaid Directory Listings, as well as, other tiers of paid directory listings; which, provide additional benefits over the basic listing.

The FOI Directory currently contains listings for about a hundred (100) categories and over five hundred (508) resource listings. Collision, Parts, Service, Dealer Groups, OEMs, CSI, Consulting, CRM Solutions and Platforms, Security, Marketing, Tools and Equipment Vendors are a small sampling of the various categories that vendors may be listed in.

The FOI Directory also provides advertising opportunities for vendors and companies whose target audience is the Fixed Operations Industry. For directory silver and gold members there is a featured slider on the home page, where these members sites are showcased and rotated regularly.

The FOI team welcomes everyone in the Fixed Ops and Variable Ops industry to stop by and review the listings. If you are an active or former member of this industry, the FOI team would like you to visit the site and comment, rate and / or review directory listing members sites, products and services.

This directory was the precursor to the FOI flagship site, which not begin construction until after the Vendor Directory was built and launched. In the event you would like to find out more about the FOI Directory visit their website.


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