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Partners In Wellness Gets a New WordPress Web Site … It has been almost two months since I built a new site for Dr Kathy Alvarez, in SW Portland. Her clinic, Partners in Wellness (SW PDX) is at the same location where Dr Karen Wright had been practicing for the past five plus years. Dr Wright never had a website. However, when Dr Alvarez took over the practice when Dr Wright moved out of state, she knew that having a website was going to be integral to her new practice.

When I talked with Dr Alvarez about the purpose of her site, the plans for her practice and her target audience my suggestion was to create a WordPress site to accommodate the current needs and be flexible and scalable for future usage. Dr Alvarez had some colors she wanted to use and wanted a minimalist Zen-styled look and feel to the site. So, I custom designed a very simple theme that matched the color scheme she wanted and fit the style she was looking for. I titled this WordPress theme, SkylineZen. You will not find any fancy sliders, rotating headers, or ad rotators on this site. However, it does provide the functionality and matches the design that Dr Alavarez desired; and allowed her to be able to have her interim VistaPrint website closed and that url pointed to here new site. In other words, you can access Dr Alvarez at or at SkylineZen is not currently available on the site.

In the past, Dr Wright had maintained this practice as a walk-in clinic. However, Dr Alvarez wanted to convert the practice so that patients scheduled appointments rather than having walk-ins. Accordingly, I asked Dr Alvarez if she wanted her patients to be able to schedule appointments from her site. She thought that would be a great idea, so I added a plugin to the site that would provide this option to visitors on the site. The result of this website and the online scheduling has been a resounding success…

… per a recent comment from Dr Alvarez …

… thanks Tom
the feedback on the website and the scheduling has been all positive!

Dr Alvarez has not yet had time to start blogging, so I have disabled the display of blog posts until she is ready to start blogging and publishing articles on her site.


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