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Last week I was working with a client who needed a customized WordPress Theme for a local bar. So, it prompted me to work on a new WordPress Theme. Recently, while doing a some light customization on another WordPress theme I had an opportunity to work with the TimThumb script created by Tim McDaniels and Darren Hoyt, Third Party Developers [Code Available Here]; and I liked the functionality and options built into it. So, I thought it would be good to develop a theme that uses the TimThumb Script.

TopSlide Screen Shot

TopSlide Screen Shot

So, I got some ideas from some other themes I liked and opened up Photoshop and put together this new theme which I am happy with so far. Take a look at TopSlide here.


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  1. Greets Tom

    I have seen some of the WordPress themes you have developed and really like this one. What could I expect to pay for a customized WordPress Theme for my site.

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