Realty Theme Plugin Bonus Attache

Realty Theme Plugin Bonus Files

If you plan to use the Realty One Theme, Toms Real Estate Plugin and the TSD Auto Login Plugin all you need now to blast emails out to your subscribers and/or post on boards are the Bonus Files … and to setup and integrate an application like phpList (if you are doing the email blasting).

These bonus files will allow you to dynamically generate property description emails for

  • postings for property listings; and
  • postings for auction listings.

Plus, it is easy to choose whether or not you want to:

  • include comps or
  • not include comps
  • … or if you want the property listing links in the emails to require visitors to login to access the listings
  • or if you choose, you can simply have them bypass the login process to view the listings. (Dependent upon whether or not you are locking down all or portions of your site)

Regardless whether or not you are doing email blasts, these bonus files also make posting your listings to Craigslist, Yahoo Groups and other Boards very easy, too.



1 thought on “Realty Theme Plugin Bonus Files”

  1. I was looking for a plugin like this … that actually works. I like how easy it is to generate a listing page that I can post to CL. Plus, the auto login plugin is a nice bonus. I found a couple other auto login plugins, but they created a persistent login and the visitor could not log out. It’s nice to see one that works right.

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