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Realty One Theme PlugIn Tools Bundle

This theme, plug-in and accompanying files fully compliment each other with additional features and benefits; designed to deliver a very robust real estate, Realtor, Real Estate Investor, Manufactured Home Dealer, or Property Manager website.

If you want to limit access to part or all of your site; or if you are trying to build a list and want to be able to send emails or post to boards to drive traffic back to your site, you will want the added functionality of Toms Auto Login; which allows you to bypass the login process for those you choose (members of your site) when they click on links in your emails. This extremely cost-effective bundle will facilitate listings, and work for sites that require visitors to login to view all or portions of the site. This bundle will also integrate with a comprehensive mailing list application (phpList). Files provided in this bundle are setup to work specifically with the Toms Real Estate Plug In to dynamically generate subscriber and non-subscriber email content; which will contain the appropriate respective links that facilitate driving traffic back to your site. 3rd Party Integration with phpList for your email blasts makes it an easy task to handle the task of making sure non-subscribers get the emails and links they are supposed to receive and subscribers get to take advantage of Toms Auto Login Plugin that allows them to bypass the login process (for site owners that restrict visitor access to all or portions of their site).

The Realty One Theme includes a featured slider, and is setup for a carousel slider; and even can be easily integrated with the smooth slider.

Another benefit of the Realty One Theme is that it is a time-saver and makes adding thumbnails very convenient.

The Realty One Theme improves the user experience and site management by including a Custom 404 Error Page that provides the site visitor with a friendly message, lets them know you (the Site Owner) have been notified about this broken link or missing page, and provides them with a search box and list of tags to select from. As the site owner, it notifies you via email each time a visitor attempts to access a link or file that does not exist on your site.

The Real Estate Listing Plug In with an Advanced Search Widget and Locations Search Widget give you more options than you will probably ever use. List as many properties as you want. Whether you have two listings, ten listings or a hundred listings this plug in will be the best investment you can make for your business this year. Plus, this package also includes additional pages that work with the Real Estate Plug In to dynamically generate informative emails for site subscribers, for prospective subscribers; and with the option of displaying comps in those emails, or not. It is a great compliment to the Realty One Theme and Toms Real Estate Plug In. Bundled with Listing Plug-In, Listing Search Widget, WordPress Login Bypass Plug-In and Dynamic Listing Pages compatible with Email Blast Application (phpList). This is the ultimate bundle to save you even more money


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