Save a Sack Full with this Bundle

Realty One Theme & Real Estate Listing Plug-In Bundle

If you are a Realtor, Real Estate Investor, Manufactured Home Dealer or Property Manager this is a very inexpensive and extremely comprehensive bundle to take your business to the next level.

Part I: The Realty One Theme ….

This theme was built to be used for a real estate purpose. However, that does not mean it would not make a great theme for other usage, too. Once you get used to automatic post and page thumbnail generation you won’t ever want to go back. The featured slider for the home page lets you decide which posts to feature there. Also, it is setup to implement a carousel styled rotator/slider, too. On the sample site you will notice there are two different sliders and a carousel employed.

What you will also enjoy about this theme is the admin options panel, with seven sub-menu tabs that makes setting up navigation, advertising, social media, slider, logo, tagline, footer, Google analytics and more … so convenient and easy to change, without needing to be an advanced programmer.

Part II: The Real Estate Listing Plugin with Advanced Search Widget & Locations Search Widget

On the backend the admin is very easy to use and gives you an incredible amount of options. On the Add a Listing Page (Homes for Sale) you start with an easy to use photo loader and thumbnail generator. No more having to try to figure out which images go where. No more having to save images in different sizes to upload them. You upload your images that you took with your digital camera, or other digital images. All the work is done for you. The option to add up to 20 images (Remember: You simply upload the large images you want included and all of the resizing is handled for you. No need to keep track of thumbnails or make sure you have the right thumbnail for the associated image of larger size.) Each size of image is uploaded to its own folder. You have the ability to feature one image; which will display on the listing page larger than the other thumbnails.

With this listing plug-in your site will give visitors so much more information than any other site, they’ll be back and tell their friends, too. For you, there are approximately 130 input field options (exclusive of the comps options) Speaking of comps … you can also add 12 comps to each listing; with the following field options: Address, Proximity, Sales Price, Sales Date, Beds, Baths, Sq Ft and Year Built.

If you have ever grabbed comps from different sources you probably noticed some are all in CAPS and some are lowercase, or use some other improper use of case. Behind the scenes the plugin will rewrite your addresses so they look the way they should. Each address will be displayed with proper use of case, regardless whether you input them as all UPPERCASE, all lowercase, mIxEd, etc. Likewise, the square footage is also set to display the same abbreviation without extraneous punctuation for each comp.

Another one of the great benefits of the ~130 input fields that you will certainly appreciate is that there are 92 drop down select menus; which will eliminate countless hours of typing information into each field. Also, this will ensure consistency in the spelling, terminology and usage of upper and lowercase letters for most of the information displayed. As a rough estimate I would say the 92 drop down menus represent probably around 2000 options. You will be able to give your visitors more information about your listings than they will find on any other site.


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