Toms Real Estate Plugin

Toms Real Estate Plug In & Search Widget

This Real Estate Plugin & Search Widget were originally built for WordPress 2.9.2

Some updates were made to the plugin subsequent to the WordPress 3 release. So, they do work with WordPress 3. However, a newer plugin will be developed in the near future.

  • General Home for Sale Listings Main Menu Page
    • Includes an Add a Listing Link, Current Site ID#, PID#, link to current property listing, Title/Label, Status, Last Updated, Edit Link and Remove Link
  • General Home for Auction Listings Page
    • Includes all the same options as the Home for Sale Listings Admin Main Menu except that instead of Available and Sold as status options, the options for Auctions are Active and Not Active. If an Auction Listing is Not Active, it will not be displayed on the site.
  • Add a Listing Page (Homes for Sale)
    • The option to add up to 20 images (You simply upload the large images you want included and all of the resizing is handled for you. No need to keep track of thumbnails or make sure you have the right thumbnail for the associated image of larger size.) Each size of image is uploaded to its own folder.  You have the ability to feature one image; which will display on the listing page larger than the other thumbnails.
    • There are approximately 130 input field options (exclusive of the comps optoins) You can also add 12 comps with the following field options: Address, Proximity, Sales Price, Sales Date, Beds, Baths, Sq Ft and Year Built.
      • Each address will be displayed with proper use of case, regardless whether you input them as all uppercase, all lowercase, etc. Likewise, the square footage is also set to display the same abbreviation without extraneous punctuation for each comp
    • One of the great benefits of the ~130 input fields is that there are 92 drop down select menus; which will eliminate countless hours of typing information into each field. Also, this will ensure consistency in the spelling, terminology and usage of upper and lowercase letters for most of the information displayed. As a rough estimate I would say the 92 drop down menus represent probably around 2000 options.
      • Listing Options Are Grouped as follow:
        • Featured Image
        • Additional Images
        • Listing Information
        • Comps
        • More Information: Interior Features
        • More Information: Kitchen Features
        • More Information: Notable Rooms n Areas
        • More Information: Exterior Features
        • More Information: Miscellaneous Features
        • More Information: HOA Benefits
        • More Information: Terms
        • More Information: Showing Options
        • Contact Information
    • There are countless benefits to the options features. For example, a couple noteworthy benefits that can be utilized with the full bundle include these options:
      • The subscribers/members only URL is dynamically generated for you once the property listing link is generated, added and updated.
      • Likewise, the non-subscribers/non-members link is also generated and displayed, too
      • If you use the Local Market Explorer Plugin and you know the neighborhood where the home is located you can add those neighborhoods to the admin options and then select that neighborhood from the dropdown list so that the link displayed for neighborhood data is the correct link for that particular listing. The database is prepopulated with neighborhoods in the Porltand area. If you do not know the neighborhood then it will display the link to the Neighborhood Data page where the visitor can manually select a link for the neighborhood.
      • When address data is copied from comp sites such as BOFA, Zillow, HomeGain, RealQuest, etc., regardless whether it is pasted in as all CAPS or all lowercase, or Upper and Lower Case, it will all be reformatted to be displayed the same; so that addresses are consistently displayed with proper use of case. Likewise, the display of sq ft is standardized as well.
    • At the bottom of each listing is an option to include contact information, a contact form, or not to display any contact information at all.
    • Once a property has been added, reload the listing and update it. Then, if you look at the top of the property listing page, you will see the link for that site. Clicking that link will open the property listing in a separate window, so you can keep the property listing admin page open at the same time.
  • General Home for Auction Listings Main Menu Page
    • Essentially, the options are the same for both admin pages; except that the status of the listings is setup a little different.
    • Each of the two Add a Listing admin pages use separate tables in the same database to store most of the information gathered.
    • The Homes for Auction also does not employ the Google Maps that are being used for the Homes for Sale Listings.  Additionally, no contact form is included at the bottom of the auction listings. However, as a side note: the blog post pages are easily setup to include Google maps whenever you want to use them. (Use the MapPress Plugin) It will work well with the Realty One Theme.
  • Display
    • The Google Map on the Homes for Sale Page displays markers for each of the properties listed. When you click on an image a small window pops up with the title, price, thumbnail, brief excerpt and link to the property listing page.
  • Search Widget
    • The Search Widget allow your site visitors to search your listings by location, price range, number of bedrooms, number of bathrooms and even by number of levels.
    • Blog posts can be written to drive traffic to a specific House for Sale listing or a House for Auction listing, or for any other site related purpose. The blog posts can be seen by search engines and are setup to be blasted to your Twitter account and can be set to blast to your Faecbook account when posted, too. (NOTE: the property listings are not searchable by the search engines.) This is why ongoing blog posts need to be added on a daily basis. These posts should not be recantations of the property listing; rather they should inspire the visitor to access the listing.



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