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This theme includes a featured slider, and is setup for a carousel slider; and even can be easily integrated with the smooth slider. Another benefit of the Realty One Theme is that it is a time-saver and makes adding thumbnails very convenient. You will really appreciate the automatic thumbnail generation for posts and pages.

Simply click a link on the Add/Edit Post or Add/Edit Page right sidebar to set a thumbnail or remove it. The link to add is Set Thumbnail or Set Featured Image, depending on which version of WordPress you are using. The link to remove is a thumbnail or featured image is intuitively named Remove Featured Image or Remove Thumbnail, again dependent upon which version of WordPress you are using. How does it work? Simply upload your full size image using the image uploader and thumbnails are created for you. That’s right … thumbnails are dynamically generated for you. Thumbnails of appropriate size are automatically generated for the featured slider, as well as, for the page/post thumbnail(s). This saves you a lot of time trying to edit and crop images and photos to the right size for each place they might need to be displayed on the site.

Take a few minutes to take a look at what the Realty One Admin Panel looks like; and how simple the options are for you implement in order for you to customize your site without having to learn a bunch of coding. The admin menu is comprised of seven sub-menu option panels:

  • Logo & Tagline Customization
  • Featured Slider
  • Navigation
  • Advertising
  • Subscribe Links
  • Twitter
  • Sidebar
  • Footer

The above submenu option panels present the following options:

  • Custom Logo Image
  • Enable or Disable this function & add alt tag
  • Enable or Disable Display of Tagline
  • Enable or Disable Featured Slider
  • Autostart Featured Slider
  • Featured Slider Autostart Delay Time
  • Featured Slider Slide Animation Speed
  • Featured Slider Slide Fade Speed
  • Hide All Pages
  • Exclude Specific Pages
  • Hide All Categories
  • Exclude Specific Categories
  • Enable or Disable Top Banner Ad
  • Apply Link to Top Banner Ad
  • Apply Alt Tag to Top Banner Ad Link
  • Enable or Disable Sidebar Adbox (with two 125px wide ad slots)
  • Apply image, link and alt tags for each ad
  • Enable or Disable Twitter Social Media Icon
  • Enable or Disable FaceBook Social Media Icon
  • Enable or Disable Flickr Social Media Icon
  • Disable Twitter, Facebook, Flickr & RSS Feed Icons
  • Add Facebook Link
  • Add Flickr Link
  • Add Twitter Link
  • Enable or Disable Twitter Updates in Sidebar
  • Select Number of Twitter updates to display
  • Enable or Disable Sidebar Sidebox Ads
  • Enable or Disable Custom Code in Sidebar
  • Input HTML/XHTML code to display in sidebar
  • Enable or Disable newsletter sign up for Feedburner (can be changed to other)
  • Input Caption for Newsletter Signup
  • Apply Feedburner  feed name
  • Custom input for your Copyright Notice
  • Input stats code, Google Analytics, or other similar script

EXTRA VALUE: Another really nice benefit of this theme is that you never have to worry about whether or not you have broken links on your site that you are unaware of. The Realty One Theme includes a Custom 404 Error Page that provides the site visitor with a friendly message, lets them know you have been notified about this link, and provides them with a search box and list of tags to select from. As the site owner, it notifies you via email each time a visitor attempts to access a link or file that does not exist on your site. You will know what link or page was not found, which page the visitor came from, their IP address, operating system and which browser they were using. All of this information can be useful from a troubleshooting point of view.

There are also three ET Widgets coded into the theme, the AdSense Widget, Advertising Widget and About Me/Us Widget. Also, there are a handful of free plugins that are recommended to fully benefit from some of the features coded into this theme. You should download WP-PageNavi, WP-PostViews, Exec-PHP, WP-jQuery -Lightbox, Smooth Slider and Twitter for WordPress.



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