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My FixedOpsInsight client recently created a new Fixed Operations Financial & Operational Review to be promoted on LinkedIn to fixed ops auto industry professionals. I setup a couple different video capture page options. However, the client liked the one using the FBForcerElite Theme. Now, this theme is designed to be used with Facebook Marketing. However, since this client has not yet made the move to put their business on Facebook, the theme is being used with a limited set of features.

This is the last video I created before whacking off my mustache. In this video I introduce myself and tell the viewers I’m here in the back room shooting a short video introduction for the all new 2011’s Public Dealer Group – Fixed Operations Financial & Operational Review

I then go on to tell them about the report:

In this report, David Vallone, Publisher & Executive Editor of or [FOI] for short; and his expert team, comb through each group’s various public disclosures (earnings releases & presentations, conference calls, investor presentations and SEC disclosure forms) and then compile all this data; condensing it down to one very comprehensive and insightful report. You know, It doesn’t get much better than this. The FOI team has done all the work for you!

I also created a longer version of the video; which was not used for this capture page, which explained more details, including the following excerpt:

Let me take a moment to go over some of the highlights of what you can expect to find in this 44 page report …

You can expect to Discover the insight of …

  • Why the public dealer groups were formed.
  • What the purpose of rolling up a bunch of dealerships into one entity is.
  • What the public dealer group investment thesis was.
  • What competitive advantages do smaller dealer groups benefit from that larger dealer groups do not.
  • AND What the competitive advantages of leveraging a large number of stores are.


You will be able to view in depth, comprehensive and comparative data regarding Large Public Dealer Group

  • – Quick facts
  • – Fixed Ops Growth Comparison of the 2010-2011 biennium
  • – Metrics & initiatives
  • – Fixed Operations attributes
  • – Top Fixed Ops Executives
  • – AND Highlights from recent conference calls

You won’t see all that with that video … only the one that was not used 🙁


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