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Following the launch of the FOI flagship website, I was asked to help FOI build a list of subscribers for their website. What I did was create a squeeze page to drive a targeted audience to. The page provided a brief and simple overview of some of the content to be found in this new report. The title of the report Service 2012 displayed this headline:

“Service 2012” current service & repair industry trends
… PLUS, what it will take to grow in 2012

The page let the visitors know that FOI was pleased to announce the release of “Service 2012,” which focused on current service & repair industry trends. Additionally, the report also provided some insight for its readers, by going on to explain what it is going to take to grow in 2012 and beyond.

Corner peel pages and popups were used to help make site visitors aware of the report as well. Each of those options were linked to the squeeze page; which, turned out to be a success. Of course, an appropriately detailed report was created and users who submitted the download request were emailed a confirmation link. When they clicked on the confirmation link in the autoresponder email, they were then provided the report to download.

Although the first quarter of 2012 is almost over, the information in the report is not dated at this time. If you are an auto industry fixed ops professional and have not yet read this report, it is still available for a limited time, without cost. You can claim your copy here.


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