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What is a Mobile Responsive Website?

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Mobile Responsive Web Design

New Responsive DisplaysWeb Design is the process of creating a website to represent your business, brand, products and services. It involves the planning and execution of many important elements to be user-friendly, functional, and to be an effective representation of your brand or an online extension of your office.

Having a mobile responsive website means that your visitors will not have difficulties reading texts, viewing product galleries, viewing pricing and comparison tables, reports photos and videos whether they are using a desktop computer, a laptop or devices with smaller screens such that of a smart phone or a tablet (ex: iPhone, Androids, Windows Mobile, Blackberry and iPad).

New Key Features of a Responsive Web DesignA website classified as “mobile responsive” means that the website displays properly on all devices viewing the website. When you have a “mobile responsive” website you do not need a mobile version of your website just to make sure your website loads and appears properly on a mobile device. In essence, a mobile responsive website ensures that you only need ONE website and that you do not need to build different versions of your website to appear properly on different devices.

Google is a big fan of mobile responsive websites. Below is directly from the official Google blog:

Google is a big fan of mobile responsive websites“Responsive web design is a technique to build web pages that alter how they look using CSS3 media queries. That is, there is one HTML code for the page regardless of the device accessing it, but its presentation changes using CSS media queries to specify which CSS rules apply for the browser displaying the page. You can learn more about responsive web design from this blog post by Google’s webmasters and in our recommendations.

Using responsive web design has multiple advantages, including:

It keeps your desktop and mobile content on a single URL, which is easier for your users to interact with, share, and link to and for Google’s algorithms to assign the indexing properties to your content.

Google can discover your content more efficiently as we wouldn’t need to crawl a page with the different Googlebot user agents to retrieve and index all the content.”

Did you know that by the end of 2014, mobile Internet users will outnumber desktop Internet users?

What is the Importance of having an OUTSTANDING website?

People go online and visit websites to learn more about businesses, brands, products and services and to make business transactions. If you do not have a website, it is not a question of if you need one or not, the only question is how fast we can build it! In today’s world having a website is 100% necessary for 99% of all business owners. If you just started a business, a website should have been a part of your original business plan. If you already have a website, it may need some redesigning to improve its performance and to keep up with the times.

Your website is your storefront online and depending on your business model, it may be your only storefront.
New Responsive Web Design Business Presentation

Websites (and blogs) also serve as the central hub for online marketing where traffic is ultimately directed to convert into customers. Even social media traffic typically ends up converting into $$ once they hit your website. We use WordPress to build a website because it is the most popular website development platform in the world and will never fall behind the changing times.

All of your online marketing efforts, such as SEO, PPC, and Social Media Marketing will rely on a well-designed mobile-friendly website where your landing pages and blogs are built to convert traffic to leads and from leads they become customers.

Why Should You Have a Mobile Responsive Website?

New Global share of mobile web traffic has been skyrocketing

Global share of mobile web traffic has been skyrocketing

Pingdom: mobile web traffic based on international geographic locationLook at the share of mobile web traffic based on international geographic location and sorted by year. Pingdom shows a steady and marked increase across all markets.

Popularity is one thing, but why not just build a mobile version of your website?

On June 6th 2012, Google published that the #1 format they want to see a mobile website built as, is the “mobile responsive” method. See below for the exact quote directly from Google’s mouth:
comScore New smartPhone and Tablet Ownership

“Sites that use responsive web design, i.e. sites that serve all devices on the same set of URLs, with each URL serving the same HTML to all devices and using just CSS to change how the page is rendered on the device. This is Google’s recommended configuration.”

Mobile device ownership is increasing

US consumer ownership of smart phones has surpassed 125 million and tablets are now owned by more than 50 million.

How people consume content online has drastically shifted due to the wide adoption of smart phones and tablets.
comScore: Mobile device usage is increasingcomScore Share of Digital Media Time Spent
adoption of smart phones and tablets impacts mobile internet page viewsIn August 2012, mobile phones and tablets accounted for a combined 13.3% of total Internet page views. This was nearly double the figures of August 2011.

Personal computers continue to dominate with 86.7% of all page views. However, this figure is a 6.4 points decline from 2011. A growing number of US consumers are turning to a growing number of devices to stay connected.
comScore Device Essentials

Mobile usage has been changing market and consumer behavior

Mobile devices have been very instrumental to the growth of local search, social media and mobile based e-commerce or m-commerce.

comScore - Neilsen Local Search Study 2012Search & local search market continued to grow at an impressive rate with 144% growth from 2007 to 2011 ( 1 billion to 2.44 billion). Much of this has a lot to do with the growth of mobile device usage.

It is also interesting to note that engagement in social media has increasingly taken place via mobile devices. From 2011 to 2012 – 37% to 46% for smartphone, 3% to 16% for tablets; and a decrease from 97% to 94% for desktop and laptop computers.

comScore MarketingSherpa PEW Local Search StudyM-commerce accounts for 11% of U.S. retail e-commerce in Q4 2012 from a mere 3% in Q4 2010

Mobile Commerce share of E-commerce sales from 2010-2012
comScore Mobile Ecommerce Share

new Mobile Users Abandon non-Mobile-responsive Websites

What is a Mobile Responsive Website?

Adoption of Mobile Marketing Tacticsnew Mobile Marketing Strategy Review

The Future

How fast is mobile Internet growingBy the end of 2014 mobile Internet users will outnumber desktop computer users.

With this shift in platform well under way, you will be challenged to stay ahead of your target market’s usage curve and provide optimal presence with the content they want, when and where they want it. It is imperative to maintain your audience, market and revenue share in the ‘traditional’ PC platform while capturing market share and monetizing emerging platforms. Doing so will require businesses to get even smarter to do online marketing seamlessly across all platforms: PCs, smart phones and tablets.

Responsive Web Design is a rather new technology which only started to pick up in 2012. Thus, not many service providers have acquired the technical knowledge and the capabilities to produce mobile responsive web sites like we have.

Choosing us as your web design provider eliminates the need for you to build and develop the technical know-how and tools required to build a mobile responsive website. It also removes the need for you to hire and train a team which can be very expensive and time-consuming.

Our web designers and developers have extensive web design experience and are at the forefront of emerging technologies, tools and applications in mobile responsive web design.

In-depth Consultation

We believe that understanding our customers’ needs and objectives are crucial to providing superior services and so we take the time to know your business, brand, products/services, target market, customers, and your competitors. We factor all of these into our web design strategy and recommend the right package for you.
In Depth Consultation Workflow

We follow a cycle beginning with in-depth consultation before we strategize and implement the most suitable solutions for you, especially if you also plan to implement online marketing tactics such as SEO. We then measure and analyze results and listen to your feedback and apply continuous improvements to your web design as needed.
In Depth Consultation Presentation

Summary of What We Do

Installation, Configuration and Customization

We will install and configure the latest version of WordPress on the web server as well as generate your File Transfer Protocol (FTP) and Content Management System (CMS) access.

We will install your WordPress theme or custom WordPress design that will depict the layout and the graphical interface of your site. Based on our consultation with you, we make sure that an appropriate WordPress layout and design is chosen conforming to the intended purpose and function of your website.

The selected layout and design will also be in compliance with W3C and SEO standards. We will also setup your WordPress blog and make sure it is seamlessly integrated with the rest of your website from a design perspective.

Graphic Design and Mockups

Following content and design analysis, we will provide web design mockups (for custom websites) and source relevant images and strategically embed these on your website. We make sure these images are visually engaging and complement the overall aesthetics and the written content.
WordPress Responsive Design Layouts

Contact Forms

We will install a fully functional basic contact form based on the pertinent information provided. The contact form is your main tool for converting a casual site visitor into a lead or a potential customer.
Email Installation and Configuration

We can setup and configure your company-specific emails; or we can install your Google business email using the domain name of your website. For the latter, each of the up to 10 users will have access to Google Mail, Google Calendar and Google Docs.

Website Backup, Migration and Installation

We will do a website backup and store it for you for 3 months just in case something happens on your live website down the line. Data backups will offer benefits for you if you want to effectively store multiple copies of web-based data in a secure location. We make sure that you will have easy access to your backup files. We will then transfer all your integral website files to a new reliable host which will remotely monitor the status of your site on their server. This service will cover all of the procedures and prerequisites of a thorough website migration.
Summary of WordPress Design Options

What is the Next Step?

Give us a call at 503-895-8860Use our CONTACT FORM or give us a call to schedule an appointment.


Engage our services and get the following:

  • Mobile responsive web design platform based on where the technology is headed along with thorough market and consumer behavior research and analysis.
  • In-depth consultation with you to tailor-fit your web design project with your marketing goals.
  • Grow your network and get more referrals and join other business owners who are employing the elite of status of having a mobile responsive website.
  • Stop losing opportunities when mobile device users visit your website. Make your website a user-friendly, content-driven, robust platform for online marketing and beat your competition.

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