Harvard, Twitter and the Pareto Principle

A Harvard Business School study, as reported by Reuters, raises a serious question on the value of Twitter for businesses. Relying upon research by Mikolaj Jan Piskorski, results show greater than 50% of Twitter users will tweet less than one time every ten to eleven weeks. Along with that, many have witnessed Twitter struggling to […]

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Twitter Traffic Machine: Social Media Amway?

What’s up with the Twitter Traffic Machine? I watched the video of the two guys hawking this program. It starts out … two guys in a basement … sounds a lot like the start of the Amway story. (Okay, maybe it’s a sub-level apartment … I don’t know) If you haven’t seen it, picture a […]

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Dial 9999 to Vote: New Digg at Ad Rates

Sounds almost like American Idol … the new experimental advertising system that some people are Digging. Although I cannot claim to have been watching American Idol, I heard this last season that an abuse of popularity voting may have skewed the outcome of that popularity contest. Personally, I think voting on ads is great; in […]

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