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New Real Estate Listing WordPress Theme: “Realty One” is not yet available to the public

Finally a Real Estate WordPress Theme with Full Featured Listing Capabilities A new WordPress Theme, Realty One— recently developed by Toms Skyline Design— is the only WordPress enabled theme and plugin combination that will work out of the box for Realtors, Manufactured Home Dealers, Real Estate Investors; … and with minor modification for Property Managers […]

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CSS3 Modules … How the Most Popular Browsers See It

The CSS3 standards and specifications are taking shape as modules and are still evolving in various states. Within each module are some really great web design and layout tools. The ability to rotate text and images; alter the origin, sized and number of backgrounds; add gradients to boxes; add text effects including shadows; change the radius, color, shadow or add an image to borders; RBG, HSL and opacity color effects; enhanced user interface [UI] options; increased number of font faces; media queries; multiple column layouts; and new options and specs for aural media aka speech are …

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SEO Tips & Marketing Facts for Entrepreneurs with a Green Industry Small Business Startup

Amidst the current downturn in the global economy visionary entrepreneurs are scrambling for position to capitalize on growth markets. We understand as we look to the future that green industries represent a key area of growth. Timing is now great for small business start-ups to become major players that shape the landscape of this industry.

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Perpetuating Displacement of American Workers

Unemployment Numbers Skyrocket … Whether or not you are employed, if you are like millions of Americans, you are feeling the pinch in today’s economy. The problems with our national and local economies, although multi-faceted, include a central issue that is plaguing families from coast to coast. The chronic problem stems from the decisions made […]

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Digital Ad Spend UP: Social Media & Mobile Ads DOWN

Respondents of a recent online national survey on interactive advertising and digital marketing, reported by Business Wire, indicate email, digital advertising and search are still HOT; and are the reason why digital ad spend is up. The bad news for social media advertising and mobile advertising is that they are falling short of the desired […]

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