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The economy is as bad now as I have seen it in my lifetime. From what I read and hear it is not confined to the people here in America. However, because I live here in America, I read and hear more about companies that are closing down and large corporations on American soil that want to be bailed out by taxpayers. The crazy thing about these bailouts is that, in large part, it is the people who lived like phat cats [and still do], on the backs of America’s rank and file and the middle class taxpayers, who are the ones largely responsible for taking the economy down to its current level. I don’t believe it’s simply because they got paid much more than they are worth and made stupid business decisions based upon greed. But, on the other hand, I don’t think the taxpayers should be held hostage in this situation and made to help them continue to live lives of luxury while many of us are unemployed, losing our homes, cars, families and our hopes and dreams. The problem, however, extends beyond the stupid business decisions made by upper and mid level management of countless businesses around the country. We can also blame the lack of any type of loyalty to our own country for much of the problems.

For a moment I am going to talk about the American consumers who have chosen to buy products and services produced and provided from other countries, rather than products and services made and provided here in our own country. For many, many years I have bought American made vehicles and try to buy American made products when I can. I think that is important. I also realize that American autos are not all made here, nor or all their parts manufactured here. I am also not saying that the Big Three Automakers are without fault for being in the mess they are in. I am however, saying that it is very sad that people continue to be proud to say, I haven’t bought an American made car in over ten years, or I have never bought an American made car, or other stupidly similar remarks. I say to those people, if you don’t want to buy American and support local economies and our national economy, you might want to consider moving to Japan, Korea, Germany, or whichever national economy you choose to support. If you make your money here, then spend it here … don’t send it to other countries. It is a simple concept … but obviously, a large percentage of the people who reside in this country simply take it for granted and think they can abuse it just like the environment, and until they are seriously affected by it, don’t possess the foresight or concern to recognize how they are destroying their future and their childrens’ futures. So, my first point is quite simple. Support those that support you. If you live in America support the companies that are American. If you unwilling to do that then move to the country you want to support. It’s very simple. If you want to work here and send your paycheck to another country, then simply move to that country and live in the conditions available there. If you already speak the language there, you should be fine. If you don’t speak the language there, see if they are willing to lean over backwards to accommodate you because you poor American, you don’t speak their language. Regardless how you are received, it is the country you want to support, so it will be okay for you. Then you want even have to be bothered with seeing those American made products to avoid purchasing; that is, assuming you could afford to purchase them while living and working there.

Now, let’s get to the bigger problem … the economy and the bailouts. I know that most Americans didn’t want to bailout Wall Street. However, it was not put to a vote of the American people. If it had of been, then we would never have given AIG the money to throw extravagant parties, distribute millions of taxpayer dollars to the inept execs that ran them into the ground; many of which, had already ran away. I have yet to hear any of them take responsibility for their actions. I only heard them trying to justify their actions. I wonder how well that would work for consumers telling the banks, lenders, finance companies and utility companies they couldn’t pay their mortgages, rent, auto loans, their credit card payments, their water, sewer, garbage, electric, gas, phone bills, etc? How do you think our creditors would respond if we told them we wanted them to bail us out and take it out of the money they don’t have? The solution for those individuals responsible for the Wall Street bailout fiasco and for taking money from a crumbling economy and then use it the way they have, is to round up every one of those who share responsibility for this conspiracy to defraud the American people and bring them to trial for treason. I say this, because, with the security and sanctity of our nation hanging in the balance, the charges should be treason.

Now, the auto makers are in line with their hands out; with others in the wings. So, let’s talk about how to start handling bailouts in the future.

I figured out a way to handle this issue without a huge burden on the rank and file, taxpaying consumers. Will it be popular? I doubt that it will be popular to those phat cats that care only about their own greed. It probably won’t even be popular with those consumers who don’t possess the mental capacity to be concerned about their local economies, local environment and the survival of the nation, or those that simply make a conscious choice to bury their head in the sand. Here is how the solution works. You have American companies that need to be bailed out. So, we help bail them out, provided they agree to not outsource their work to other countries. We give them a hand to stay in business, if they are supporting the people who are helping them to stay alive. Now, the question many will ask is how the American people will pay for these bailouts. That part is very simple, too. First, all these companies that think it makes good business sense to outsource their R&D, their call centers, their manufacturing, their IT departments, their programming, etc to offshore locations and to other countries; we will tax them for making this Anti-American choice. Sure there are multi-national corporations that will get caught in this squeeze. Of course, that isn’t the problem of the American consumer. They will need to determine if they want to be associated with America and call it there home, or if they want to move out and try to conduct their businesses, without an American presence. If they move out, then we will impose tariffs on every type of business they want to engage in as a foreign corporation.

When local corporations outsource their labor, or services, or align any portion of their operations outside the United States, then an assessment needs to be made to determine what the loss is to the local or regional economy; based upon prevailing wages, loss of tax revenues, etc. At that point, we impose a tax on that company or corporation that represents 200% of the aggregate loss. Let’s give that tax a name. Let’s call it the Anti-American Greed Tax [AAGT]. A portion of those proceeds from the AAGT would then be used to offset those negatively impacted communities in various ways; which would need to be further defined. Another portion of the AAGT would be used to bailout the corporations that do agree to keep their jobs and operations in the United States. To provide some checks and balances for this bailout help, in the event the company or corporation, whom we have bailed out, subsequently decides to outsource, they will be brought to a quick and speedy trial for treason; and all their assets will be immediately seized and frozen.

For those corporations that choose to base their operations outside the United States and wish to do business here, we first need to examine whether or not there exists other American owned and operated company(ies) already providing similar products and services. This would not be a difficult task to undertake. We could employ the “carrot and stick” method to provide an opportunity for foreign entities to be able to be on an even playing field. If these products and services already exist on American soil, then a tariff would be imposed on them as the stick. We could call this tariff, the American Free Trade Tariff [AFTT]. As a carrot, we would give them an incentive to tool up or set up shop and maintain a presence here in America. We wouldn’t give them tax breaks that pre-existing companies were not receiving. However, we would not be imposing the AFTT; which would allow them to compete here on an even playing field with all other companies and corporations on American soil.

I have not heard any politicians promoting any measures such as those defined in this post. Nor have I seen the media get on board with this approach. In fact, I know my statements are probably not perceived as politically correct. However, I would venture to guess that if enough Americans begin to understand how this could bring back our economy and re-kindle a sense of loyalty to our local, regional and national homeland, there is a chance for CHANGE that will help the American people and the American economy; as well as, the world economy. We do not need to hold the American Taxpayers Hostage. The American Economy Can Be Fixed and jobs can become plentiful again. It takes making some decisions that may not be internationally supported, but I venture to guess that the millions who are losing their homes, cars, jobs, families, dreams, hopes and retirement would be willing to be viewed a little less favorably internationally, in the interim, until the national economy and global economy get straightened out.

I have a lot more to add; and welcome responsive feedback.


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