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There are some brokers on Twitter that will charge an advertiser for exposure on Twitter. Then they find publishers (Twitter users) that will allow the ads or links to be displayed on their respective Twitter page(s). I have seen one or more of these broker sites that do not say what they pay the publishers (or if they do, it is difficult information to locate) … I suppose you find out after you sign up. In my research I stumbled across one of these broker sites that had cultivated about 1,000 followers and with their related traffic they were able make a case for selling the domain. They ended up selling the domain to someone at auction, for $6,000. Actually, they sold it early with a Buy-It-Now-Bid. There’s another idea there. What I found interesting about this particular Twitter business sales pitch, were some of the comments they made about the site, the revenues and the payouts, during their attempt to sell it.

They tell the potential buyer that with their traffic that the new owner should be able to bring in $10,000 a month, but rarely ever have to pay anything out to the publishers, due to the $20 threshold and the CPC rate of $.025 (50% split of the amount charged). So I clicked on the link to this Twitter Ads site; and it took me to a page with a couple of banner ads; giving another page to follow to. When I clicked on that link and went to the new site, I discovered that yes it was a Twitter Ad Broker Site and guess what? This site listed a $.04 CPC and had the $20 monthly threshold policy for publishers, too. It sounds like they are following the same pattern.

This is another program on Twitter to make money, but I have to ask myself, “Is is a good one?” One thing I have seen with these sites is that I may see advertiser testimonials, but do not see any publisher testimonials. You do the research and see what you think. Caveat Emptor seems to be appropriate here.


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