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What’s up with the Twitter Traffic Machine? I watched the video of the two guys hawking this program. It starts out … two guys in a basement … sounds a lot like the start of the Amway story. (Okay, maybe it’s a sub-level apartment … I don’t know) If you haven’t seen it, picture a video version of the famous keep-on-scrolling, I’ve got more promises and testimonials sales letter pages that guarantee you will make a bundle or your money back. (except there are only two or three testimonials) Unfortunately, there are no Ginsu knives or PoPeet containers if you act now, but wait, the hype is not to that level.

However, running the numbers makes the plan seem like many other network marketing plans; except this one targets only one niche … people on Twitter. Get 20,000 followers in 90 days and get 400 of them to respond to your ads every day. It’s all automated and you don’t even have to waste time socializing with these people … just use them. You make money selling the plan to other people, too. Of course, going outside of Twitter to advertise this program you are already competing with thirty pages or more of people on Google with every variation of Twitter Traffic Machine in their URL that you could imagine. Every ad I saw perpetuates the same story about the massive amount of followers you can develop and the corresponding amount of money you can make with this system. I would speculate no more that 1% are making any real money (just like most any MLM or network marketing program. The first ones in have a real shot, then it gets a lot harder to make it.) The fact is that if they were making the serious money off the four hundred people daily that were responding to their automated system–which they don’t have to spend time on–they wouldn’t bother with reselling it to others … unless of course, they feel that it is like a feeding frenzy in a pool of sharks; and if they don’t sell it to others, then those people will get their 20,000 followers. The marketing plan is not explained prior to forking over your $27 USD. However, as a sidenote, for those about to drop the money for the program, look around. I did see one guy selling the system for $15 USD. I suppose, if I took a closer look I might find it for $5 or $10.

Okay, so how long do you suppose that this type of growth will last? It lasted a long time for Amway. But, times have changed. Moreover, social networks that may be booming one day, are old news a year later, when the new kid on the block arrives. Take a look at these Google Trends for MySpace, Facebook and Twitter. So, you have to gamble that you can get in and make your mark with Twitter before the program destroys the credibility of the network. After all, with the exponential growth they are talking about, in a few months it is unlikely you would ever actually be communicating with real people; only with their automated bots. That’s pretty social, right? I think what you would see is that if all you are doing is hawking your program and have nothing real to say, people will put you on permanent block. So, that means you need another 20,000 followers; and the process continues to repeat itself. Where’s the free lunch?

To sum this up, all I can gather from the skirting is that it sounds like the program helps identify keywords to use in your tweets to target Twitter users to click on your links, hoping they will click through to one or more advertisers’ pages on your ClickBank account(s). Oh, the ClickBank part is speculation; but, if I am correct, that means you need to plunk down another $50 bucks or so for each ClickBank account you set up. Now, does their system automate the ClickBank process, or do you have to actually setup your links and change them out yourself? If it is a completely automated system, I guess the program handles that for you. However, that seems highly unlikely. If it is not ClickBank, then the same question would apply for whatever program you use. Bear in mind it has to be an affiliate ad program that anyone can get accepted into. Many of the best affiliate ad programs review your website first before accepting you. That’s not to take anything away from, or slight ClickBank. They have a good program, but I think anyone that plunks down the money for the account and agrees to their rules, can open an affiliate account. This traffic machine would need something similar… or maybe, everyone simply opens up an AdSense account instead. Who knows?

At any rate, as you can see I am a bit skeptical of this program. Your comments are welcome.


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