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Have you started seeing websites that seem to be full of quirks? Do you arrive at websites to be greeted with a message that tells you that you need to upgrade your browser to a better browser. Likely the message also mentions that you are using Internet Explorer 6. Do yourself a favor, and make IE6 a memory!

IE6 is a nightmare for web designers. Pages that are designed and look the same in all other A Grade browsers, will look differently on IE6, unless the website designer has used a bunch of CSS hacks to address these quirks inherent to Internet Explorer 6 and other quirks inherent in prior versions of Internet Explorer. I did have IE6 installed on one of my computers, IE7 on another and IE8 on another; along with Firefox, Safari and Chrome. However, not too long back I was using a computer with IE6 and was unable to even access a couple of sites, including my MySpace page. Unless I used a different browser I could not access those sites. If you have not experienced this yet, you probably will soon. If you have experienced it occasionally, you will likely run into the same problem more often, until your upgrade your browser.

Most likely, if you are using IE6 it is because it came installed on your computer and you do not want to have to install another browser due to fear of compatibility issues or time constraints. Understandably, I remember back when installing AOL, or Netscape would hose your ability to use Internet Explorer. At that time, the browsers did not like to play well with each other. They each wanted to be your only option. Now, it is quire different. You can download the latest versions of Firefox, Safari or Chrome and install any or all of them in a matter of minutes. If you install Firefox or Google Chrome you are prompted to import your IE favorites during the installation process. You can select any one of the browsers to be your default browser, and also you can check the option to have the browser check each time it loads, to see if it is the default browser. At any time, you can change which browser is your default browser.

Firefox, Chrome, Safari and even IE8 all offer tabbed browsing; meaning that you do not need to open new browser windows, unless you want to. Instead you can simply open another tab in the same window. My personal preference is Firefox because of the multitude of additional feature that I can benefit from.

Upgrade your browser and make IE6 a memory!


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