Wordsmith Anvil Theme Tips

Wordsmith Anvil Tips

WORDSMITH-ANVIL Update … Numerous changes have been made to this theme, including the addition of several more options (over 50 different options) along with a handful of bug fixes and other enhancements. The current version is 2.2.1. Read more about it on the Wordsmith Anvil Theme Page. or Download it at WordPress.org

The theme I recently released on the WordPress Repository, Wordsmith Anvil, has a number of features and some custom page templates. After taking a quick look at several sites that have downloaded this theme, I have made a few observations and thought it would be a good idea to make not of a few of them.

The font size for the title is designed to be fairly large. As a result, if the title of the blog has more than 15-18 characters it will not display very well (up through version 1.6.3). If your title contains more characters, you will need to edit the file main.css, located in the stylesheets directory. Decrease the font size until your title displays correctly … or select a blog title with less characters. NOTE: You will most likely need to also adjust the height, margin and/or padding on the header elements to accommodate your changes. DOWNLOAD VERSION 1.6.6 … I fixed it for you. 🙂

I have also seen several sites where someone has attempted to edit the pages and the end result is that the pages do not display correctly. I cannot provide an easy explanation that will address every possible edit to the pages in this theme. However, the best caveat is to save a backup of the page before you attempt to edit it. That way, if you delete something that breaks the page, you can always revert to the original version of the page and try again. One of the most common errors I have seen is removing an opening <div> or a closing </div> tag; and not deleting the companion tag. Every opening tag needs a closing tag. Otherwise, you end up with unexpected results. Your sidebar may not display correctly, or maybe your footer, or the widget areas above the footer, or the page itself may not display properly.

If you would like to use any of the page templates, take a few minutes to read through the FAQs, which you can find here. Without reading the FAQs, it is not likely you will be able to setup the page templates. You will need to understand what the custom fields are, and the directory structure.

I have also seen where a different header image has been uploaded which displays a title or other text. Unless you comment out the site title in the header.php file, you will see the title of your blog displayed over the top of the text in your header image; which, is not likely your intent. I may consider adding the option to enable or disable display of the site title in a subsequent version; as I have done for the tagline, and logo.

I have also seen where people have tried to hardcode in elements that are already made available in the theme options page; or install a plugin that does not have theme styling already built in. Unless you are very comfortable editing php code and comfortable with editing stylesheets your best bet is using the theme options to perform the functions they are designed to perform. If there is not a theme option available, then feel free to make a suggestion about other functionality you would like to see in future versions of this theme. Also, you might find other plugins that will perform functions that are not already built in.

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  1. Hi! Thank you for this theme. I’m fairly picky and really like this one a lot! I’m hoping you can help me. How do I remove the RSS Subscribe to Comments link? I have “Disable All” checked in the Theme Options, Subscribe Links tab. However, it still shows. Am I missing something?

    1. Styled4You …

      This question was asked before. However, my reply may not have provided enough information for many users.

      You will need to make a small edit to comments.php. Even though the edit to perform is fairly simple, it is always a good idea to make a backup of the file before you edit it; just in case you remove something you shouldn’t or don’t remove everything you should have.

      As you scroll to the bottom of the file, you will need to look for and remove the following lines:
      <?php if ( have_comments() ) { ?>
      <div class="comments-rss"><?php post_comments_feed_link(__('Subscribe to comments', 'wordsmith-anvil')); // addedin 1.6.8 ?></div>
      <?php } ?>

      After you do that, save the file. Now go back and refresh your post and the RSS Subscribe to Comments should be gone.

      I hope that helps.


  2. Hi Tom!

    I love the Anvil theme. Is there a way to change the colors of the menu items to something other than red, blue or green?



    1. Momas …

      you need to edit footer.php. Be careful though. Make a backup of the file before you start editing. That way, if you screw something up, you can always revert back to the backup copy. 🙂


  3. Hi Tom, I just wrote to you and promptly erased it by mistake. Monday morning . . . and my dog is chewing my chair to pieces. Anyway, I received an answer from my Arvixe server, as follows:


    Some of the files which are found to be carrying malware are as follows:

    Below is the malware code found in these files:

    This may be turning your users redirect to 404 when they search your site is various search engines.

    You will need to upgrade your script, themes, plugins, etc to the latest version available.

    Vaibhav Potdar
    Jr. Technical Operations Officer”

    Tom, I’m fairly certain I have the latest WP on that site and plugins, but I will check again. And is that definitely malware? Do you recommend I search for that bizarre code and delete it wherever I find it? If I re-download the theme, because I didn’t create a child theme, I will lose my customizations, right?

    Crikey, my dog has nearly gone through my chair leg, I’ll be on the floor in a minute. I don’t expect an answer today on Labor Day, but when you get a chance to peruse this, I’d love to hear your suggestions.


    1. Sydney …

      I guess you saw my earlier response to your post on the Wordsmith-Anvil Theme Demo Support & Feedback Forum. If not, I had replied that based on what you were saying, it sounded as though your site had been hacked. From your post yesterday, it appears your web host is confirming that.

      First, let me say that I do provide security consulting and second, even though I do not know who your web hosting provider is, it looks like they don’t provide much in the way of assistance in these matters. Hopefully, you are not using GreenGeeks Hosting. But, that is another discussion. At any rate, my suggestion is NOT to replace selected files. Instead, you need to perform a fresh install of WordPress. First, to verify which version of WordPress you have installed, look at the readme.html file in the root folder of the WordPress installation directory. If it is not the latest stable release, then go to the WordPress.org Release Archive and download a clean version of that release in zip format. Now, I am assuming you have cPanel access and phpMyAdmin access and know your database name, database username and database password.. If your wp-config.php file is corrupt you will need to recreate it using the correct values. Do not forget to get new Authentication Unique Keys and Salts. However, you want to wait to do that until you install the new version of WordPress. Before reinstalling WordPress make sure to compress your Wordsmith-Anvil Theme folder, your plugins and your Uploads folder; inside of the wp-content directory (assuming you did not change the default path for your upload directory). I would even suggest creating another folder/directory in your public_html folder; and copy your compressed files to that location. Now you can delete the entire WordPress installation, including the files in the root directory of the installation and the wp-admin, wp-content and wp-includes folders (and all of the content in each of those folders.) CAVEAT: Make sure you know your database config information before deleting all of these files. Likewise, make sure you have made backups of your theme, plugins and uploads. After you re-install WordPress you can copy your compressed files back to their original directories; and then extract them. Next, you need to implement some better security to prevent this from happening again; because it is a PITA to do all of this and if don’t block the hackers they will continue to exploit the vulnerabilities on your site; and you will be doing this again soon.

      We can talk about the proper steps for securing your site after you get the current mess cleaned up.

      FYI, you do not need to delete and reintall the theme. Also, FWIW, every instance of eval(base64_decode(…) is not necessarily something bad. However, you won’t find it anywhere in any theme from the WordPress Repository. Commercial themes and/or plugins may contain these types of lines. It is a way to obfuscate the code; and some programmers do that so people do not steal their code. Unfortunately, you have no idea what the code is unless you decode it; which means any obfuscated code is capable of containing malware or performing acts you do not want performed on your site.

      I hope this helps.


      1. Tom, thanks for your lengthy reply. I installed new WP (though it was up-to-date) and retrieved db. All is good so far. I also deleted the plugin for a contact form, called Clean Contact, which I’ve used before with no problems. I was tracing the timeline back to when my problems began and they seemed to be right after I added the form to the contact us page. I didn’t know what you meant by Authentication unique keys and Salts, but I use Akismet and did get a new authentication key that way.

        As for implementing better security, my server Arvixe (not Green Geeks, though I’d love to hear your story sometime) said that they didn’t have anything else I could do, except to be proactive and back up my sites once a week on the server, which is a good idea. Any other suggestions?

        Thanks so much,

        1. Sydney …

          Been super duper busy, so I havent been able to follow up with comments as much as I would like to. I do have several security suggestions. However, I dont have the time to write up any security tutorials and post them. It is a service I provide. Feel free to hit me up if you need me to help you secure your site. BTW, I forgot if you mentioned or not, is that a new restaurant, or simply a new site for the restaurant?


  4. Thanks Tom for the a: help. One more question and I think I’m done. I have been trying to lower the header image of the Twist logo that also has the tagline and address on the right side, all part of same image in the header. This is at http://www.twisteatery.com. Currently, it is very close to top border of the site. I have been trying to change the placement with line 184, h1nologo, and line 182, header h1, as they both show as contributing to the style, when I click inspect element in Firefox. However, I can also see that the image is labeled as “background” when I click inspect element and not “header image”, though I inserted it through the header section under Appearance in the WP dashboard.

    Can you give me some help with whether this is a background image or a header image and how to move it by basically adding a bit of padding above it?


    1. Sydney …

      I took a look at the code to see if you had changed anything noticeable. With regard to whether the header image is a header image or a background image is explained in the css itself. The image that is displayed is the background image for the header element. Now, it is possible for you to edit the css or the code to re-position your logo, which you opted to upload as a header image rather than a logo. However, based on the route you have taken, the easiest and quickest way to fix the placement issue is to edit your header image. Re-position your logo in the image to where you want it to be displayed. Then upload it as a new header image. That saves you a lot of time trying to guess at how to edit the css to accomplish the same thing.


      1. Tom, actually my jpg image fills the entire allotted space, meaning it nearly touches both top and bottom. I could make it smaller, but there would still be significant white space below it once I upload it. Anyway, I set #h2c to display none and it looks a bit better. Got rid of transparent bar that I wasn’t using. I still would like to move the search bar up and to that end, I have played with the sbox and search form code in the stylesheet but can’t get search box to move up, nor can I get a little space below it so that the nav pane isn’t squashed right under it.

        I can see there is a certain depth to the div#header that pushes everything down on the page, but I can’t see where to make that less deep so the search bar and h2 page title move up.

        Thanks for your assistance,

        1. Sydney … I dont think you understood what I was trying to tell you. The quickest, safest and easiest solution is to edit the image you want to use for your header image. That does not mean change its size. It meant change where the elements in the image are located. If you want to logo to display lower, then move it down in the image. If you want it to display on the right side of the header, then you move the logo to the right side of your image, etc. The downside about not using the built in logo functionality is that you lose the ability to click the logo and be taken to the home page.

          On this page I try to provide some assistance for users who have issues with errors, bugs or an inability to implement the designed functionality. Also, the theme’s demo site has a fairly comprehensive FAQ section and a support and feedback page; where I also provide support for this theme. I try to assist users with disabling certain elements that I could have provided an option to enable or disable. However, when it comes to how to customize the theme the best I can do with free support is to point you to the files you need to edit in order to customize the theme. So, unless a user is comfortable with php, css and basic html, I generally recommend that they do not try to edit the code; because it is easy to break something. The same goes for editing the css. In fact, something as basic as changing the padding or margin of an element could throw off the display of the entire page. In your situation, you may need to edit the main.css, header.php and functions.php file. You may also need to edit other css files, too; and depending on how radical the changes are, you may need to edit at least one of the javascript files.


          PS The following commentary is not necessarily specific to you or any one user in particular. However, I wanted to take a moment to add this commentary for others who comment and request support in the future:
          I should point out that once users start customizing the theme, troubleshooting their edited code or edited css is actually something that should be handled via a request for theme customization, or paid support. Of course, that said, donations are always appreciated, as is enabling the no-intrusion hidden developer credit link option built into the theme. Many times when people request extended support I look at their site to see if they have given me a visible credit link, or even the hidden credit link that only the search engines see. Sometimes I see there is no credit given. Of course I understand that many users who download the free theme and need support, are being paid by their client to create their website and they do not want a visible link to the theme’s original developer, which their client might see. So, if they can hire me for free, it boosts their profit on the project. I get that … not that I appreciate it, but I get it. However, I always wonder why the hidden credit link is not used, or sometimes completely removed from the free theme. That one puzzles me. If you read this and it applies to you, maybe you can shed some light on this.

          1. Regarding the commentary: I just hadn’t gotten around to the credit. I hadn’t even looked at all the Anvil options at that time. Maybe that’s why sometimes when someone is asking you for help, while they’re still in the throws of making a site look good, worrying about colors, text, images, spam problems, etc, the last thing they’re thinking about is giving credit. I’ve gone through the options now and have given you credit. By the way, I’m doing this for my big sister, so I’m not getting paid either way and can’t afford to pay you for help. But I pay it forward, whenever anyone asks me for help. Anyway, cheers and happy Labor Day.

          2. Sydney …

            Thank you for taking the time to respond to my inquiry. The last time I looked at your site; when you were asking about the 404 emails, I noticed you had added my link. Thanks. I appreciate that. I also understand that not every time someone works on a site for someone else they are getting paid. But, if they don’t indicate they are gratuitously customizing the theme for someone else, it is logical to surmise they are being compensated. FWIW, I am generally more inclined to provide a little extra measure of assistance for those people; when I am aware of it at the onset. So, if you have additional questions do not hesitate to get back to me. Likewise, I hope you and your sister have a great Labor Day.


  5. Sorry, I found this after I sent you an email through contact. Not meaning to duplicate my query, but I am trying to change the inline element’s background color for each page’s nave pane entry. I see in the main.css that it is commented out as /*background-color: #aba000; */. So I don’t know where the inline element is called in or how to change its background. It is just that small sliver of color to the right of each page name in the nav pane. I have already changed the colors for each of the nav pane entries. Thanks in advance for any help. Best wishes, Sydney

    1. Sydney …

      You need to edit wsmain.js to fix that issue. Once you open the file you should see what needs to be edited. While you are in there, you should edit line 40 and also open wssingle.js and edit line 8. You may be able to look at the code and know what to change it to. Or, I have explained how to edit those two lines either on this site or on the theme’s demo site Feedback & Support Forum Page.

      I hope that helps. BTW, is that a new restaurant you are opening, or just a new site for an existing restaurant?


      PS Thanks for posting on here. 🙂 I can’t do email support for this theme any more.

      1. I hit reply in my email box when I got your response and then looked here to see you aren’t accepting emails. Here’s what I said:

        Thanks, Tom. I’ll check all that out now.

        My sister has just opened this new restaurant with her chef fiancé. Not much info put on the site yet. Twist is a tiny place, in wine country, northern CA. I live in Massachusetts and, as you can tell, dabble in web design. Mostly, I’m a book editor and soon-to-be published novelist. My sister’s fiancé is an excellent chef, so if you ever make it to Forestville, try Twist. Let me know ahead of time, and I’ll make sure it’s on the house.


        Meanwhile, I did indeed find the colors to change in wsmain.js. I have no clue what I need to do to line 40 or to line 8 of the other js file, but I will try your search bar here in the upper right.

        One other question, the links on the pages are different from links on a post. Can you tell me the css line for changing those? I have done a search in the main.css for whole word “a” and found 188 responses. I have tried changing the color on some of those, but they were for posts not pages.

        Again, thanks in advance. Now I’ll search the mysterious lines 40 and 8 on this site.


        1. Tried searching line 40, line 8 and the two file names wsmain.js and wssingle.js. I am not coming up with anything. How do i find where you explained how to edit those lines?


          1. Hi Tom,

            I have done that, including trying to change these:
            a { text-decoration: none; }
            .post a:hover, .post a:focus { text-decoration: none; color: #A0522D; background: #ECFAD7; border-bottom: 1px dotted white; }
            .post a:visited { text-decoration: none; color: #DAA520; }
            .post a:link { text-decoration: none; color: #4169E1; }
            but they don’t change the colors of the links on the pages and we have no posts.

            I can’t find a page a:hover. i have been changing colors on many “s” items but to no avail.

            If you could point me closer to the right direction, I’d appreciate it. I don’t usually have trouble finding this type of item, but it’s a bit of a complicated style sheet for me.


          2. Sydney …

            I took a quick look at your code. On line 77 of main.css set the color to whatever you want it to be. Currently, it is using the default color for links; which is blue. If you want to use the same colors for posts as for pages, you can simply change lines like this:

            .post a:hover, .post a:focus { text-decoration: none; color: #A0522D; background: #ECFAD7; border-bottom: 1px dotted white; }
            .post a:hover, .post a:focus, .page a:hover, .page a:focus { text-decoration: none; color: #A0522D; background: #ECFAD7; border-bottom: 1px dotted white; }


    1. Natalie …

      It looks like the problem is that you are trying to use an H4 tag for a purpose it was not designed. Heading tags are not designed to have nested paragraphs in them. Change the h4 tag to a div tag and use css styling to change the font-size, font-variant, color, etc to accommodate any other changes to how you want the content to be displayed. Then your problem will disappear.


    1. Bella …

      Do you have ftp access to your server? As an alternative, do you have cPanel access to your server? If you have either, then it is fairly easy to explain the process. If you do not have either then it becomes considerably more challenging to add a logo. If and when I get a chance to update the theme in the near future, I will try to add an uploader to the theme options page.


    1. Tonya …

      Titles are linkable by default. If you have not edited any of the code then I would speculate one of your plugins is conflicting with the code. Probably, it is a jQuery conflict. If so, then you will need to edit one line in three files. Other than that, the titles should all be linkable.


      1. I have never created a website as you can probably tell…..I link to a lot of articles. I just put the title in and then type click here for story on post. I link the “here”. The title acts like it would link but it just goes to the comments for the title and does not even show the click here for story. I hope I’m making sense. I took out the permalink in the index, page and post. Was that a bad thing to do?

        1. YES !!! That was a bad thing to do.

          Did you make a backup of your files before you edited them? Hopefully so. If not, you will want to reinstall the theme again. [NOTE: You will not lose your posts and other data by re-installing the theme. ]Please take the time to read through the FAQs. It will help you save time and better understand how the theme is setup. The Support Forum / Feedback Page will also be helpful, too. There are theme options that will allow you to customize how your posts are displayed. It is advised to use the theme options rather than attempt to alter the code.


  6. Dear Tom,

    I have updated your theme. (Wordsmith-anvil). But now my inlogscreen of WP lacks any CSS, and also editing is a problem logged in, all posts are in one row, all dashboard layout is messed up. Do you know what CSS I should use for the wp-admin area. Frontend works out perfect. But wp-admin area is a problem. Please help.


    1. Gerben …

      I have no idea what all you have edited and do not have enough information to provide much helpful feedback. IF YOU ARE REFERRING TO THE THEME OPTIONS PAGE, then, if you have edited anvil-options.php the issue you are experiencing could be related to some of those edits. The css file for the admin area theme options page is admin.css, which is in the styles sub-directory of the functions directory. If you edited that file, and/or removed it or the admin.js file; which is in the js sub-directory of the functions directory, this may also be why you are experiencing the issues you mentioned. If, you are referring to Add/Edit Posts page, or any other admin page, this would not be a theme related issue. I would not have any advice to offer on editing the WordPress css files. My position on editing core WordPress files is that it is not a best practice and should be avoided. I hope this reply helps. However, I am unsure if editing any of the Wordsmith-Anvil theme files will have any effect on the issue you are experiencing.


    1. Tony …

      Thanks and glad you love the theme.

      I believe if you edit a couple lines of code you will be okay. I am assuming you are using Wordsmith-Anvil version 2.2.1. If so, you can edit line 40 of wsmain.js and line 8 of wssingle.js from:

      $(document).ready(function() {


      jQuery(document).ready(function($) {

      If you are using an earlier version, then locate and replace all instances of that line of code.


        1. Tony …

          There is no reason why the edit would have made it look garbled in IE8. There must be something else going on. However, I took a quick look at your site to see if I could detect anything. What I was able to detect is that you are using a different theme. So, there is little I can do to assist you at this point.


          1. Tom, I deactivated the theme due to the problem. I will activate on Sunday morning if you’d like to take a look, in case it happens to someone else.

  7. Tom, how do I get the left vertical menu to show my pages in the order I want? I want HOME on the top and the rest in a certain order, but don’t know how to do it. Do I have to use the Menu widget, which I’ve never used? If I do, could you please briefly tell me how it’s done?
    Also, how do I get rid of the RSS Subscribe to Comments at the bottom of my pages? thank you

    1. Colin …

      You need to setup your custom menus if you want to customize what is displayed. Take a look at the FAQs, as referenced in my response to your prior comment. You will find the answer there.

      With regard to the Subscribe to Comments, I answered that in my prior response to your earlier comment.


  8. Hello Tom, I’ve just found your free Anvil theme and am building a site with it. One question, where you have the widgets horizontally along the bottom of the page — I don’t want to use them all, but I can’t get rid of the text that says Left Outer Widget Area, etc. How do I get rid of the text and either remove the blocks totally, or at least remove the text on the blocks? I’ve tried moving them with WP’s Widget menu, but they don’t move.
    Also, how do I remove the RSS “Subscribe to Comments” at the bottom of my pages?

    Thank you.

    1. Colin …

      On the theme options page there are links to take you to the theme’s demo site, FAQs, feedback and support pages. By reading through the FAQs and the feedback you will find many answers to setup and configuration questions.

      To edit or remove portions of the widgets that run horizontally across the bottom of the page, look in the ‘inc’ folder and edit the file: above-footer.php.

      To remove the Subscribe to Comments at the bottom of your pages, you can edit comments.php.

      I hope that helps.


  9. I love the theme.
    I have chosen to use my own background.
    however at the top it still shows a piece of the original background.
    I can’t seem to find it in the editor to remove it or turn it transparent.
    Any suggestions would be great!
    Thank you so much for an awesome Theme!!


    1. Rob …

      Open main.css. Go to line 165 (depending on version) look for #main-wrap … where you see margin: 30px auto 10px; change it to: margin: 0 auto 10px;

      That should fix you up.


  10. Thanks for the info Tom, I really do love this Theme, by far my favorite on the site. I’ve figured out the plugins I’ve tried several of them including the recommended simple face book. All i want is to be able to click on the Fb share button under the post and have it go to my facebook page with a thumb nail image , discription and link. All it’s says on facebook is That i’ve posted a link and thats it. I’ve tried using a featured photo, i’ve tied changing the settings on the theme. It simple will not display post like all the other pages out there that are being shared on facebook. Am i disabling or enabling something wrong?

    1. Tommy ….

      I don’t see anything on your site except a coming soon page. I have no clue what is in your posts. Did you look at the FAQs to make sure you are setting things up correctly? There is also a feedback page that may provide some additional help.

      Best Regards

  11. I have a question. I’m new to blogging, and web work. So i am downloading the free Anvil theme 2.2.1. I love everything about it. In my testing before i launch my first bog i’ve tried to post blogs to my facebook page. When I post there is no picture no small amount of text just simply the Web Link http://www.earthyurban.com. Is there a way to fix this or a Plugin to make my facebook sharing like everyone elses. I’m not a coder just a writer so laymen terms would be helpful.

    1. Tommy …

      I took a quick look at your site. However, it looks like you have an under construction plugin activated. So, I was unable to see why your feeds have no content in them. I am not sure which plugin you should try. You could try Simple Facebook Connect. I understand that may do what you want it to do. I have not used it. So, feel free to leave a comment if you try it and it works; or if it does not. There are probably some other similar plugins, too. Just Google it, or look on the WordPress.org Plugin Extensions Site.

      Best Regards
      Tom Matteson

  12. I’ve been having issues with posting. As I start a new post, I never get past the first letter. The first post went ok – but now I can’t post. Have you had this reported by anyone else?

    1. Brad …

      Thanks for downloading Wordsmith-Anvil. The first thing I suggest, is to read the FAQs. Then take a look at other Feedback and Support Provided. If that does not resolve your issue, then follow the directions on the Feedback Page and submit your Support Request there. Additionally, I would recommend changing your permalink structure, too. I see you are using some RSS plugin in the sidebar. The theme already has a built in subscribe option, if you are using Feedburner, or similar option. At any rate, reading the FAQs and the Feedback should help you maximize the theme.


  13. I have uploaded a header image which displays the name of the website, and disabled the display of the title through the theme options, but now the header is no longer a link to the home page. How can I correct this?

    1. Jason …

      Thanks for downloading Wordsmith Anvil. I’ve been super busy, so I didnt get a chance to respond any quicker. At any rate, what you need to do is edit header.php. Assuming you are using version 2.2.1, look at line 82; and replace this line:

      <h1 class="nologo"><?php // nothing here ?></h1>

      with this line:

      <a href="<?php echo home_url(); ?>"><h1 class="nologo"></h1></a>

      Best of Luck

      PS … If you would, please reply back to the comment to update the site, so others will know if that took care of it for you.

  14. Hi Tom,

    I think I can manage to change the colors within the css code if I can find them. Are you saying that they cannot be changed by the code in this template? If so, can you recommend a similar template that would allow me to change colors, either as an option or within the code? I really appreciate your help.


    1. Josh …

      The css files are in the stylesheets folder. Depending on how much of the theme you use, you will want to edit main.css and ie.css, at a minimum.

      You may need to download the entire theme from WordPress.org and unzip it, in order to edit the files. Zip it back up once you finished editing, and then reupload the theme to your site. Or, it would be much easier if you can use ftp to download, edit and upload the files back to your server.


    1. Josh …

      It depends on what you are looking for in a theme. If all that matters is the ability to change the colors, then you would be better off finding another theme. However, if you want a theme that has the options which Wordsmith Anvil has … AND you want a to use a different set of colors, you won’t find this option available for download. In that case you either need to learn how to edit CSS files, or offer to pay someone to edit the color scheme for you.


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